Not much to say lately…

Been spending a lot of time answering ads for freelance work, writing material for SkyPilot and re-examining the current situation. I’d REALLY like some more things to come through, as I’m about ten yards away from the goal line about several different projects. Maybe I need a little more Jerome Bettis in me.

Things should head up after Xmas, and whatever comes in before then will be gravy. And the good kind of gravy, the stuff with the gibblets and turkey drippings. Yeah.

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Continuing to work

Okay, so maybe the guy is naked and doesn’t have a lot of skin, but the bones and a little muscle is there. The site will be live sooner rather than later.

This is my first post

Boy, setting up a website is hard. I lose 50 IQ points every time I try to work on this.